*Modification must be specified by owners.


Kennel Cut - Body is clipped short, head and tail are blended with scissors.

Shave Down - Entire dog is clipped evenly from head to tail. Ear and face included.

Profile Cut - Hair is dried straight and scissored to outline profile.

Schnauzer Cut - Back, tail, ears, and top of head are clipped short. Back legs are partially clipped at a downward angle. Skirt and legs are scissored neatly.

Westie Cut - Back and upper sides are clipped short. Legs, skirt, and chest are scissored long. Ears are shaved and face scissored square. Tail clipped flat and tapered.

Cocker Cut - Back, tail, and upper sides are clipped short. Skirt, legs, and chest are lightly scissored round. Paws are rounded and ears clipped 1/3 down from top.

Lion Cut - Body is clipped short while mane is defined and scissored to frame head.

Teddy Bear Cut - Back and Belly are clipped short. Legs and chest are scissored and left a bit longer. (Starting Price $50)

Puppy Cut - Entire body fluffed dry and hand scissored to look plush. Coat must be in great condition for this style. (Starting Price $60)

Golden Cut (My Specialty) - Light scissor all over with emphasis on the mane and pants. Hocks cut short and feathers cut at an angle.

Bichon Face - Face is scissored roundly. Full cheeks taper to neck.

Clean Face - Face is clipped very short and neat.

Schnauzer Face - Ears, head, and sides of face are clipped very short. Brows are angled and pointed. Mustache and beard left long.

Westie Face - Face scissored full and square. Ears shaved.

 Above is an example of a Puppy Cut.
 Below is an example of a Clean Face.
Special & Feature Styles
Above is an example of a Teddy Bear Cut.