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JJ Stansfield
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Please leave a message. If I am with a client I will return your call ASAP. I answer calls between 8am - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday. 
* Cash or Cheque

* Can I stay with my dog?

Sorry, no. Dogs act differently around their owners. More anxious, more fearful, more happy, more hyper, etc. They are not their normal selves. I work very patiently to earn your dog's trust and calm them so the grooming goes smoothly. I want to earn their friendship and I can't do that when they are constantly distracted by your presence. It is also more dangerous working with scissors and clippers on a dog that simply wants to reach its' owner.

* Do you cage the dogs?

I manually dry all the dogs so have no need for a cage dryer. If I need to separate a dog(s), for whatever reason, I simply use a gate in a doorway. Besides that, they have the run of the house.

* Do you muzzle aggressive dogs?

As a rule, no. I've used a muzzle on one dog only, simply because it was too dangerous not to. If a dog has a history of serious aggression I may use an E-collar while I groom. It restricts the dog from biting me while at the same time not confining his/her face. I feel it retains a dog's dignity and freedom of movement which is very important when earning a dog's trust. If your dog is simply a 'nipper' (nips when nervous) I don't constrain them. I just use patience and affection.

* Do you sedate dogs?

No. That's cheating.

* Are there breeds you won't groom?

I no longer groom Chows. Washing and drying Chow hair is a nightmare that I have decided to avoid. My apologies to the Chow owners that are looking for a groomer.

* What do you charge?

The price depends on the breed, coat condition, and style you want.

Small dogs (i.e. Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, Lhasa Apso) start at $45 for a full groom. If you want a style that involves more work such as a Puppy cut or Teddy Bear cut, the price would start at $55.

Medium sized dogs (i.e. Welsh Terrier, Wheaten, Large Cocker Spaniel) start at $55.

Large breed dogs (i.e. Golden Retriever, Giant Schnauzer) start at $80.

The really big breeds (i.e. Leonberger, Newfoundlander) start at $130.

* What payment type do you accept?

Cash or Cheque only.

* Do you take students?

I don't have the space to teach. I do give lessons on how to maintain your dog's coat between groomings and how to clip their nails. Any of my clients may request a session, free of charge.

* Do you board dogs?

No. I don't have a kennel license.

* Can I meet with you and view your facilities?

No. I do not give interviews so that people can decide if I am capable or worthy. It is a big waste of my precious time. This is not a facility, it is my HOME. The only characters allowed to inspect my home are the dogs. Trust me, your baby is my baby too!


If you have any other questions, feel free to call or email me.

Frequently Asked Questions