About My Grooming Service
Punctuality is important especially as I groom one dog at a time and I do not book overlapping appointments. As such I have a strict 15 minute rule where if a client has not called to let me know they are running late, their appointment is cancelled, and I call the next client. You can always drop your dog off early if there is a timing conflict.
Hours : Tuesday to Saturday  -  8 am to 5 pm

Note: If you need to drop off your dog before work, I accept dogs in as early as 7am. Please let me know when you book your appointment as I do my pick-ups in the early morning and I need to make sure I'm home when you arrive.

If you need to leave your dog till after work, again please let me know when you book your appointment as I do my drop-offs in the evenings.
Prices : All prices are a starting point, depending on the size, style, and condition of coat.

Full Groom:
Small Dog (ie Yorkie, Maltese, Shih Tzu) $45
​​​Medium Dog (ie Cocker, Wheaton) $55
Large Dog (ie Golden Retriever, Giant Schnauzer) $80​
Very Large Dog (ie Leonberger, Newfoundlander) $130​
As a pet owner, I completely understand the difficulty in keeping up with your dog's coat. Knots need to be brushed out before water can make them mats. As such, I recommend to many clients who have dogs with tricky coats to make a 'Bath & Brush' appointment in between their usual 'Full Groom'. I brush out their coat, bath, dry, clip their nails and tidy their face. Again, these are starting point prices depending on the size and condition of their coat.

Bath & Brush:
Small Dog $20
Medium Dog $40
Large Dog $60​


​​(Prices are in addition to FG/BB Price)

Flea Bath - (S) $10 (M) $15 (L) $20
Skunk Bath - (S) $20 (M) $30 (L) $45
​Poodle Feet - $10

Pick up & Drop off $5, $10 or $15 depending on location​​