JJ Stansfield
Private Dog Groomer

I adore dogs!

The idea to groom from home came from my 6 years of experience in a grooming studio. I would see anxious dogs and even more anxious owners in a very chaotic environment. I have now been grooming for 16 years and I can confidently say that the difference between the chaos of a shop and the calm of a private grooming is tangible. Every dog is an individual, charismatic character that I get to know personally. It doesn't just make grooming go more smoothly, it becomes a joyful experience for both of us.
This is a photo of myself and my Husky Lexus.

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Wiggle Waggle

What a blast!
Hope to see you there
Next Year!​​​​​
* People, I highly recommend prebooking your appointments. Right now I'm booked well into November and only have a hand full of spots left in December.
* Note - I am not taking any new large breed clients at the moment.​